Toned is an online and print magazine that centers around celebrating and empowering Black Canadians. The magazine explores topics at the intersection of race, art and culture.

Developer Kay Evans-Stocks and I determined the technical direction that Toned should take with its website, as well as its design, implementation, and transition.

Being in its first steps as a business, determining the right technical solution for Toned's website meant addressing the ability to scale and transition the platform. We determined that Wordpress would be a suitable content management system that could address the scalability and transition concerns. The CMS provides a large degree of customization, as well as ease of use when considering the "hand off" of responsibilities. As an online store might be utilized in the future, Wordpress would enable the use of an e-commerce platform, be it within the Wordpress ecosystem or with an external provider.

We worked hand-in-hand with Toned founder Jode-Leigh on UX and UI design, utilizing Adobe XD to map out the website and visualize the interface design. Kay and I combined our design expertise with Jode-Leigh's vision and current online presence, using large imagery and traditional serif fonts to create a modern, print-themed style. Wordpress' wide array of customizable themes made developing our envisioned design seamless.